My Experience with the Shake Weight and How it Relates to You Investing in Internet Marketing

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips, SEO on August 21, 2010

When I first saw the Shake Weight on TV I thought it was just one more exercise thing being offered and ignored it. I kept seeing the commercials and one night my husband and I talked about it during the commercial. He said, “I see how it could work.” He use to be a weight lifter, so I believed him. I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought one (w/a coupon :-).

My First Experience Felt Awkward

I opened it, looked at it and didn’t really get it. It had some weight to it and I tried the “shaking”.  It felt awkward and weird and I just didn’t get it, but I keep trying. I shook one way and then another while watching House Hunters on HGTV. (great show!)

The Pay Off

Guess what? Once I got past the “awkwardness” or the feeling of not quite getting it I started to feel it! I didn’t just feel it in one area of my upper arms; I felt it all the way around my arms – like a big circle of muscles moving, especially the back of the arm. I also kind of felt in the shoulder and back area, but not as much there because I use to box and that area has remained strong. I kept “shaking” and I swear on the life of my laptop that in less than a week my arms had toned all the way around.

What On Earth Does This Have to Do With Internet Marketing?

#1 – People Hear About it and Are Told To Invest In it When They Know Nothing About It

People take a leap off faith and they invest in Internet Marketing or SEO. They don’t know what to look for and what to ask before hiring, but they take a leap of faith based on the constant chatter of the need to invest in advertising on the web.

#2 – People Feel Awkward Because They Know Very Little About What to Do

We often see this awkwardness in new clients. They feel slightly uncomfortable and perhaps even nervous, because they just don’t get it. We always try to ease this feeling by educating our clients on what we are doing and why. By explaining why we are doing it and the results they should see we ease their minds a little and we prepare them for the pay off.

#3 – They Get the Pay Off

Once clients understand what benefits they should be seeing in their Internet Marketing  / SEO efforts and they begin to see it, and feel it, they get the “Pay Off”. They heard they should invest, they took a leap of faith, the dealt with the awkwardness and they get to see the limitless pay offs of effective Internet Marketing.

What Businesses and Internet Marketers / SEO’s Can Take From This

It can be very scary to invest in a service that you really don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean the service isn’t worth investing in. I know there is a lot of “hype” about Internet Marketing and SEO, but take a leap of faith. Any size business can greatly benefit from Internet advertising.

Businesses need to make sure they do some research and go with their gut when hiring a company to perform these services. Don’t hire a consultant or a company because it is your barber’s brother’s side job. Make sure you research companies, the clients of the companies you are considering and questions you should be asking. By investing in the right company your Internet Marketing/SEO will be as strong as my arms now look 🙂

Internet marketers/SEO’s need to make sure that when meeting with new clients you give them the knowledge they need to make a solid and comfortable decision. Help remove the awkwardness and replace it with a feeling of comfort, safety and trust in your company.

Melissa Fach – SEO Aware

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