How precise is the number of results in a site: query?

Posted by Melissa in SEO on September 25, 2010

This is Google’s Matt Cutts. Have you use the site: query? Go to Google or the Google toolbar and use (mine would be to see what Matt is talking about.

3 responses to “How precise is the number of results in a site: query?”

  1. Danielle Hudges

    Honestly, in my experience most of the time it differs. For example in the result in google is very far different from yahoo as well in bing. But I guess most of the time seo specialist and seo companies always relies on google result. Thank you for highlighting this issue.

    Danielle Hudges

  2. dee oneal

    I think it’s very different from each of the search engine. The number of result isn’t precise for some reasons. One thing for sure, yahoo actually have more indexed compare to Google but I find Google more substantial. Although, I think yahoo really is important as well as bing we should then admit that we are more at ease if we have lots of listing in Google.

    dee oneal

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