How Every Business Can Make Blogging Work for Them with These 5 Ideas

Posted by Melissa in Blogging, Business Tips on October 27, 2010

Every time we talk to a business about blogging there is always this sense of panic. People don’t know where to start or what to say, but blogging to promote your business and services is really very easy! Here is a quick list that can be used to come up with years of blog posts.

1 – Educate

You can and should educate your visitors, potential clients/customers and current customers! Here are the three basic demographics you need to target. You can educate them on:

  • definitions and explanations of terms commonly used in your industry
  • the positives and negatives of whatever is related Β to your services and/or products
  • what to look for and what to avoid when working with someone in your industry
  • anything you feel they need to know even if it won’t make you money! I blogged about and I told people what I thought. I didn’t make money with this warning, but I do get about 1,000 hits a month on that article and many emailed thank yous.
  • educate with a spectrum – educate those that know nothing, those that know some and those that know all.

2 – Break Down Your Services – each of them

There should be a blog post about every service you offer, then there should be blog posts about:

  • the benefits of each service
  • why people need this service
  • what to look for when hiring someone for this service and what to avoid
  • what people need to know about this service
  • an idiot-proof explanation of the service
  • give suggestions
  • explain options

You should always link to the service page you are discussing (learn about anchor text and SEO) and you can create an education or articles section for each service page and link to related blog posts. You can also use these posts to educate clients and answer questions.

3- Benefits of Using Your Business

Why should someone come to you? I don’t know so you have to tell me. However, don’t tell me everyday! You can integrate this topic into anything, but do it carefully. If all you do is sell yourself on your blog I will not return. You must give me something that I can learn or something that will help me and if you are subtle with your sales I won’t mind. If you reach out of the computer screen and try to cram your wonderful business down my throat I will never return…

  • why are you different?
  • why should I trust you?
  • what do I need to know about your business, beliefs, ethics etc.?
  • why you?

4 – Give Tips

If you have some tips that can help someone in anyway at all give it to them! This is part of educating, but “tips” are something I always click on. Tips are typically quick and easy. I like and need as many tips as I can get. Tips to organizing my closet…tips on choosing paint colors…tips on cleaning crayon out of carpet…I and everyone else needs tips!

5 – Discuss Discounts

People love discounts. They love to save money in anyway they can, so if you have discounts, free shipping or bonuses you need to discuss them. Blog about them and get your posts out there with your social media platforms.

Last Tip – Use your Blog Posts in Social Media, Email Marketing and eBooks

When you create these posts always be thinking about what else you can use them for. Blog posts should be promoted with social media (if they offer something valuable) and they can help you with content for email newsletters. With educational posts you can eventually create ebooks for current and new clients. With quality blog posts you will always have information that can be used in various ways to market your business and the services you offer. So there you go! 5 easy ideas, go blog1

Melissa – SEO Aware

5 responses to “How Every Business Can Make Blogging Work for Them with These 5 Ideas”

  1. sasha

    I think sometimes its really hard, especially for small businesses, to devote time to writing blogs that do not have to do with company directly. But I do think that if you take just a little bit of time to make your content a bit more useful to a user, it can pay off with more visits, recommendations and happier people πŸ™‚


  2. Nick Stamoulis

    Those are all great ideas, and at least from my experience with blogging, I would say as time passes and one becomes more comfortable with blogging, it should be less about self promotion and more about adding value, good content that will be spread through the online space. I too find the value in Recycling your blog posts into other avenues is a huge advantage.

    Nick Stamoulis

  3. Melissa

    Sasha, I agree with you.

    Thank you Nick! πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting often!

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