Google Has Changed and Your Online Marketing Strategies HAVE to Change

Posted by Melissa in Google on November 5, 2010

We tell everyone we talk to that the SEO and Internet marketing business is ever changing and it is. Google’s latest move with Google Places is just one example of this. However, it is a major example and a major change.

If you are hoping to maintain traffic and conversions with this change there is much work to be done. We have had many clients contact us freaking out over the fact that they were in Google places and also the organic listings below and now they are only in Google Places. We understand that this is a big change, but it is not a death sentence. (If you have disappeared out of both areas you need to contact an SEO for some help.) Although this change is not a death sentence it has changed how things need to be done and has created a ton of work for qualified and educated SEO’s and Internet marketers.

Every ONE Needs to Contact Their SEO / Internet Marketing Company or Consultant

We have always taken the time to set up our clients properly with their websites, local search and offline marketing. That work has paid off because our clients are still doing fine, but due to this change we have a ton of work to do in the next 6 months to prepare for future changes and to maintain the rankings they currently have. To do continue to do well in Google Places you are going to HAVE to work at it and on it continually. This means you are going to have to find or work with a qualified consultant or company to help you take advantage of these changes. Call them today and see what changes and plans need to be made.

Don’t Create Tons of Fake Reviews

Google isn’t stupid. They have already found ways to know when reviews are not solid. You will end up being penalized in your Google Places for fake reviews. If you are going to fake them you need to take some time to figure out how Google is and will determine fake/spammy reviews. Don’t hire random people to make reviews. Any of us can make a review, but making a review Google will use in Google Places is a whole other ball game. In the next few months how reviews are handled will be quite different.

Your Website and Google Places

When Google integrated the organic listings with the Google Places listing they took the title tag of the home page and the meta description and used it to describe the businesses listed. See example below:

Before the change we had this business listed in Google Places as 301 Kwikie. When Google integrated the organic results with the Google Places they used the home page title tag and meta description from the website. The site had a pretty good title tag in place that included the business name, location and services they offered. On another note we see there is a typo in the description, so here is a good example of why avoiding typos is important.

Why Does This Google Change Mean More Work?

This is such a major change in Google that it is hard to explain why in a quick post. What I can say is that now the Google Places listings, for local businesses, is going to be just as important as your website. Before this change if a business wanted to have a good and effective Google Places listing it required some research, planning and strategy. Now you will need all of that, significant off-site marketing and the right type of website in place. Just sticking a website up and walking away has not been enough for awhile, but now it is a sure way to not do well.

What You Need to Do

Contact a qualified and educated SEO or Internet marketer. To do well you need to have clear  and well-planned strategies in place! We are always here if you need us 🙂

4 responses to “Google Has Changed and Your Online Marketing Strategies HAVE to Change”

  1. dee oneal

    I was just kinda not sure about this. But everytime Google made some changes it cause some confusion. I’m just thinking that they are just doing what they think is right for everyone and for them as well. It might be one of the challenge but hopefully they will explain more.

    dee oneal

  2. Melissa

    They have clear reasons for why they are doing what they are doing. Even if they had no reason at all we must all adjust and get to work.

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