2011 Must Have #2 – An Optimized Website

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on January 5, 2011

Anyone can drive traffic to a website, but quality traffic is key. You want traffic that is interested in your products / services because they lead to conversion.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.You have to invest in real and proper SEO…

There is much more to SEO than your website being optimized, but for this post we are just going to be focusing on an optimized website.

One of the main goals of SEO is to help websites show up for keywords that will help them bring in more clients/customers which will increase sales online, enhance a business’ visibility online, improve their search engine ranking, create trust with search engines and to convert.

Let’s look at an example of a keyword .  “Miami pool design” or “pool design Miami”. Location – service and service – location. When you have a business that serves a location or multiple locations you can optimize for your location(s) and the service(s)/product(s) you offer.

SEO’s research the keyword phrases people are searching for and related keywords. We then look at your competitors and search engine rankings. It is up to us to come up with a plan that will help a business begin to show up for phrases and locations that will help a business bring in the right type of traffic and the goal is to convert. Conversion = Money; without it what is the point of a website?

We also need to create effective ways to push past your competition in the search engines (the right way). This is not always an easy task depending on the industry. Don’t be fooled by people making all kinds of promises…even Google says to beware of companies with guarantees on ranking and times to achieve rankings.

Is Your Site Optimized?

Well, that is hard to answer. It may be “optimized”, but the effectiveness of the optimization completely depends on the skill and knowledge of the person that optimized the site. We have people tell us all the time that their sites are optimized, but when we look at the site we don’t see optimization…real optimization.  It is sad that many businesses pay for SEO services and they don’t get it. Sadly they do not know what to look for.  So, I am going to list the basics of optimizing a web site <– what we consider on-site optimization.

  • A home page is designed to support an optimization plan that is often aimed at the main service and location a company offers. This can be expended to 2-3 services and locations, but success of more than one effective keyword phrase depends on many factors.
  • The internal link structure begins on the home page
  • Each internal pages has an optimization plan and a plan to support other pages as well
  • Each page has its own optimization plan
  • We focus on content, images/graphics, meta tags, internal link structure, backlinks, anchor text and other factors for every page.
  • Localization is crucial and there must be a plan for each page of a website.
  • A website needs proper and clean coding
  • Text needs to be readable by the search engines
  • Search engine ethics and guidelines are followed

Our goal when creating websites is to set up a solid foundation that will be fine no matter what changes are made in search engine algorithms. If you do everything right you shouldn’t have major ranking fluctuations when algorithms change.

In conclusion:

If you want to be successful online in 2011 you need an optimized website. If you have any questions please contact us. Again, anyone can drive traffic to a website, but quality traffic is key. You want traffic that is interested in your products / services because they lead to conversion.

Melissa Fach – SEO Aware

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