Don’t Google the Word “Female” – Google FAIL!

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on January 21, 2011

So I was going some research and googled “female doctors” and Google instant automatically displayed the following…

You can see the search results here –> Female. So, Google says they display great results, but they need to take the time to actually check the basics. Imagine if a child was doing a report on “female lions” and the Google instant automatically displayed the info in the above photo. How does a parent explain that?

On a personal note, I am kind of offended that as a “female” the sum of me, according to Google, is a definition, an orgasm”, a chest massage, female condoms and pleasure.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Joanna Butler

    So glad you came across this Melissa and had more guts than me to blog about it. There are keywords that should bring up results like these in Google search results, but a simple search for “female” is something anyone’s kids could search for at any point for school homework. Like you said Melissa, a teacher sets homework to write about the difference between a male and “female lion” for example… thanks to Google Instant, the results after the first word are typed are that of the above screenshot… If I was a parent I’d be horrified! Does noone at Google have kids?! I’m amazed… I daren’t explore more generic SERPs like these in a quest to find more… I should, and out Google for it, but… alas I’m a wimp and easily embarrassed!
    Hope you’re listening Google!

  2. steveplunkett

    turn on safe search?

  3. Melissa

    It is!

  4. Moosa Hemani

    Indeed a nice thought! Google must look in to it!

  5. Carly

    I disagree that it is *Google’s* definition of a female; the most linked to content is a BIG factor in ranking, surely. It’s because THESE topics are MORE linked to/spoken about then any other ‘female’ topics… surely?

    E.g. I’m sure ALL of those videos have gone viral and men have passed them around. Plus the very fact that there’s an article on: ‘how to give a female an orgasm’ says it all! I wonder what comes up if I type male in…?

  6. Carly

    Actually, in both and I see a different set of results (with search customisation disabled AND logged out.) That’s odd. Not hugely different but number 2 is a female lifestyle mag type thing.

  7. Melissa

    Carly, I was kidding around with the definition part and I do understand how things get ranked completely. I thought it was pretty funny so posted it.

    In regards to your second comment I had about 25 people check nationwide…all got the same thing and I can assure you I have never looked these subjects up before. 🙂

  8. SEO Manchester guy

    Agreed, some of these should be generally typed in and mildly excluded by search engines and filtered for such generic terms. I mean the results people can see from google instant when they type in ‘how to’ are crazy enough!

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