6 Ways to Give Back to Your Clients this Holiday Season

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on November 15, 2011

Good clients are a blessing and they do pay us a great deal of money. I think it is a good idea to let clients know you are thinking about them during the holidays, but as we all know choosing a gift can be hard. Here are some inexpensive ideas that allow you to give back to your clients and as a bonus these gifts can help your business as well.

Company Gift Cards – Two Ways to Win

You can get gift cards made for a specific dollar amount, an hour of consulting or whatever you choose. Here are two ways you can use them:

  1. You can give them to your clients to use with your company
  2. You can give them to your clients to use as gifts this holiday season (they can give them to a loved one or their own clients)

Either way you win. With #1 your client gets something for free (we all know how much they love something for free) and you can strengthen or maintain your relationship with them. With #2 you have a really good lead that can easily turn into a client.

Your gift cards can be made of hard plastic like a regular gift card and I recommend a nice design that is not holiday specific because you want to be able to use these cards again. Example, when a client has a birthday, at special events, give-a-ways or on other holidays. Look at them as lead generators, free advertising and a way to give back to your clients.

Custom Flash Drives

Almost everyone need flash drives and they can easily become advertising tools for you. You can have flash drives made that have your logo on them and some can actually be shaped like your logo. Tip, quality and gifts that people can use are successful.

Shirts / Hoodies with Your Logo

Most people I know love t-shirts and even non-nerds still need them for exercising, going to the beach or relaxing. At every conference I have ever been to the the t-shirts are the first to get grabbed. Hoodies are also a great gift and they are a great way to keep warm during the holidays.

When you give any type of shirt you are also getting free advertising. You never know who will see that shirt, so try to include a URL.

Customized Tumblers, Coffee Cups or Water Bottles

These are items that are pretty affordable and we all have to drink out of something. People love creative mugs, bottles and cups. If you choose any thing that has a snap lid you increase the possibility that people will carry the cup with your logo around. Every time this gift is used your business is being advertised. This is another win for both you and the client.

Custom iPad Covers and Sleeves

You have to be careful with this one. People love their iPads and they love having cute/cool covers. Put a lot of thought into this gift idea because you want it to be displayed in someway. Put your name or logo on it, but make it small and do not let it take over the design.

Custom Candy Jars

The great thing about candy jars is that they can be used for anything. You can fill them with candy, nuts, organic pasta, paper clips or something else the client likes. They are also pretty inexpensive, but attractive. They can be used and reused by the client because everyone always needs containers for storage.

This is a great advertising option for you. If you fill these with candy clients tend to just put them out for their clients.

Overall Goal of Holiday Gifts?

Of course you want the client to be happy, but you also want to advertise your business as well. Maintaining a healthy business relationship is really important and this is one simple and affordable way to do give back.


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