How Effective Is Your Online Presence?

You can have a business website, but a website alone is not a presence. An “effective” web presence allows you to be seen and found in multiple ways.

Searching for A Company Name

When people search for your company name they need to see your name over and over online. There is a trust that is created in both people and the search engines┬áby seeing a company’s name in multiple places. We can help you develop a strong web presence.

Searching for a Service or Product

It is quite easy to be found for a company name, but to be found for a service or product you offer is much more difficult. In reality, more people are searching for a service or product than they are company names. This is why SEO and Internet Marketing are so important. Your website needs to be found for each service and product you offer.

Below are the 7 things SEO Aware feels are crucial for your online success and we can help you with each of them

  1. Your Website Is Your Foundation –> A solid website that is built well, optimized and ready to convert is the #1 thing you need. Everything you do online to market your business should drive traffic back to your website.
  2. Competitive Intelligence –> What are your competitors doing on their websites, with their Internet marketing & social media? Competitive intelligence will tell you!
  3. A Local Search Plan –> Google is looking for local citations. Can they find yours? Can people find you on the local search engines Yelp that are used by millions everyday and offer phone apps?
  4. An Internet Marketing Plan –> You need an Internet marketing plan with needs and goals. This plan should increase your web presence and enhance your reputation.
  5. A Business Blog –> Blogs are a fantastic way to get your news, company information and recommendations out to those searching the web for answers. A business blog markets your business, services and products. It can create trust and greatly enhance your online reputation.
  6. Social Media Plan –> Social media can be used in very small ways or very large ways, but it has to be utilized by every business. How it is done can and should vary from business to business. Social media can hurt you if not done right.
  7. Measurements –> Everything you do online should have some form of measurement to determine if what you are doing is meeting goals, creating conversions and increasing visibility. There are many ways to monitor and measure your successes; let us show you how.

Develop an Effective Web Strategy Today!

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