Site Audits Can Improve Your Website

Have you every wondered about:

  • How well you rank on a national level?
  • What you are doing wrong and what your competitors are doing right?
  • How Google and other search engines see your site?
  • If they current SEO you are paying for is working?
  • If your site is easy for visitors to use and navigate?


Have you paid for SEO or are you currently paying monthly SEO fees? Is it working for you? Is your site REALLY optimized? Our site audit will tell you if your site is optimized properly and how well you are doing for the services and/or products you offer in the SERPs.


There are Web standards in place that web designers should be using when designing a website. Unfortunately, not all Web designers are aware of theĀ current Web standards. If your site is not compliant it can affect your rankings in the search engines. Additionally, the search engines have webmaster guidelines in place that every web owner needs to implement.

SEO Aware can review your site to make sure your site is compliant and we can help you make sure you have met all the webmaster guidelines. Our site review can also include an analysis of your current optimization strategy, or lack thereof.

Web Site Usability

SEO Aware knows that if a business site is difficult to use it will hurt a business. We can go through your site and make sure everything is functioning as it should and make recommendations on what could be changed to make the site more user friendly.

Trustworthiness of a Site

Believe it or not the appearance of a site can either create trust or break trust. On the other hand, a site can be absolutely beautiful, but the copy is so badly written that trust is broken. In our blog we have discussed “The Package“, the four areas we believe are crucial if you want your business site to be a success:

  1. Color Design and Presentation
  2. Navigation
  3. Copy
  4. Optimization

To have “The Package” a site must be visually attractive, have idiot-proof navigation, have copy that creates trust and sells and also be optimized to bring in the right type of traffic. For a Web site to be really effective you need to consider anything and everything that could potentially hurt a Web site. SEO Aware looks at all aspects of a Web site and always considers Psychological aspects of trust when evaluating how effective or ineffective a Web site is.

Set Up A Site Audit

If you would like a site review please contact SEO Aware. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Site reviews that include a detailed report, action plan and suggestions start at $750.

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