Video Marketing Training

sarasota-video-marketing-trainingOnline video marketing is a great way to market your business. Google’s universal search integrates video, images and blogs into the search results users receive after a query.
In many cases Google has placed video content above regular results and businesses have noticed. Videos can be an effective marketing tool and they are a very affordable marketing option. However, if they are done wrong they are useless.

We teach you how to create, edit and post your videos online.

Video, if Done Right, Can Builds Trust With Potential Clients

The search engines can bring the people to your video, but once they are there it is up to you to sell your company and the services you provide.
Make Your Own Videos

Our Video training shows you how to:

* Map out your strategy
* Select tools for filming your video
* Create video content
* Produce and edit your video
* Optimize your video
* Where to post your video online
* Measure outcomes vs. outputs
* Which affordable video cameras we recommend

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Web Video Marketing Training – Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice