WordPress Training

WordPress Training – Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice

If you want to learn how to use WordPress we can show you. We offer on-site individual classes and business training classes.

Beginners can learn how to:

  • Create posts – including choosing categories, tags and optimization
  • Set up categories and subcategories
  • Create pages and subpages
  • Modify settings
  • Upload plugins and c0nfigure plugins
  • Use optimization plugins
  • Create additional users
  • Add and modify widgets
  • Moderate comments and eliminate spam or turn comments off
  • Use settings and tools
  • Add video to your blog posts and pages
  • Ways to market your blog effectively

Intermediate to Advanced can learn:

  • How to use FTP to upload themes, plugins, change logos and much more
  • How to use some of the more advanced plugins- we recommend a few…
  • How to make universal changes through the CSS Stylesheet, plus recommendations on the safest way to do this.
  • How to modify PHP files carefully!
  • How to use link categories to your advantage
  • Business blogging techniques that can increase sales
  • Ways to market your blog effectively
  • How to use the media gallery to your advantage.

For more information please contact us.