Website Design and Development Services

A professional website that is both attractive and well-constructed is a fundamental aspect of all internet marketing efforts, including search engine optimization.

It is also highly beneficial to have your optimization, marketing and website design and development efforts performed by an experienced team that works together to plan features, site architecture and content that will meet your business goals.

SEO Aware partners with The Versatility Group to provide web development services to our clients. We chose to team up with The Versatility Group because they create stunning, well-coded websites that do well in the search engines.

Web Development Considerations

– Functionality
– Usability
– Design
– Branding
SEO and Marketing
– Engagement
– Message

Our Overall Approach to Websites

  • A content management system that facilitates keep your content current
  • A custom design that is reflective of your both your business and targets your audience effectively
  • A plan for conversion – what actions are you asking users to take?
  • A review of usability – are messages and actions clear and easy to perform?
  • An optimization strategy is created for the site as a whole and there is also an SEO plan for each individual page.

Our focus is for you to have an attractive, user-friendly and optimized website that will meet tangible business goals.

Website Platforms

We focus on two of the most popular and successful website platforms available today – WordPress and Drupal. The popularity and open source nature of these platforms means that almost any functionality can be developed in a cost-effective manner.


We create custom WordPress designs and integrate features we feel will help meet the needs and the goals of our clients. We also train our clients to use WordPress and show them how to use their blogs effectively.

Great Features of WordPress:

  • Content Management System
  • Blog
  • Typically easy for businesses to edit
  • It allows engagement with web visitors
  • Easy to add pages, content, video, photos, contact forms and more.


Drupal is a powerful content management framework that can be configured to do almost anything. It is a great solution for clients that have more complex needs. We feel Drupal’s particular strength is managing structured content. Do you have a product inventory, a complex event schedule, or an inventory of vacation rental homes with bookings to manage? These are a couple examples of where Drupal really shines.

Drupal also has features like Blocks, Views, and Panels that allow for endless custom displays of content through a website. A product can be entered and managed through one simple interface screen and be displayed in many different ways and places.