8 Questions Every Website Should Answer

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on February 15, 2011

Here are some questions every website needs to answer for users if you are hoping to create trust and make a sale. They should be answered on every page, with the exception of #7 (which need to be page specific). You can answer these questions with content, graphics and images.

Why should I like you?

Tell me…

Why should I trust you?

You better tell me, because people don’t trust easy, especially in this economy.

What do you have to offer?

I don’t know what you excel at, which product is great and I probably don’t know enough about what you do to make a good decision. Educate me.

What do I need?

I probably don’t know or maybe I do? Tell me anyway. Convince me!

What can you offer that your competitors don’t?

I always want to know this. Why are you a better deal for me?

Why are you better?

If you tell me, and your competitor doesn’t, I may just decide you are better and have reasons to believe it.

Why do I need your service or product?

Do I really need it? Why?

Again, why you?

Here you tell me again why you are the best choice. Sum it up for me and review the important points you made in the first 7 questions.

Before You Create Content for Your Website…

…think about how you can answer these questions + questions you get often from customers + any other questions you think should be answered for your industry. You can answer some of these questions in the same sentence; you don’t need to create a book! However, you need to have enough to make the sale!

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  1. e2solutions

    quality website content should answer all these questions to users..and website must be designed in keeping these points..so that it it deliver right information to users and satisfy them..so website would able to maintain good relations..and able to get good ranking..

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