Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Having a web site is necessary for every business, but if potential clients/customers cannot find your website you are not going to make money. At SEO Aware, we analyze your goals and needs, what Web users are looking for and how your competitors are ranking.

We use this data to create an effective SEO campaign that will increase the right kind of traffic to your site. The right traffic will invest in your services and/or buy your products and that is our goal.  We create a unique optimization and marketing plan for every client. Local Search, Universal Search, Social Media and Video Search Optimization are always a consideration when planning an effective SEO campaign.

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Monthly SEO Services

If you want your website to continue to do well and maintain rankings in the search engines it is really important that you invest in monthly SEO services. Each month we work to support our clients’ optimization strategies, maintain their search engine rankings and improve any areas that are not bringing in the results we feel should be there. Optimizing a site once might bring your some rankings that you are happy with, but if you want to keep them you need to invest in monthly SEO.

Our Premium Monthly SEO Services Include:

  • Monthly Analytics Interpretation Reports

    Each month we can take your analytics data and create a report that will analyze your website’s successes and failures. We will review what your traffic is doing on your site, how they found you, which pages are working, which marketing techniques are working, which techniques are not working well, which areas of the site you need to improve and which areas are working for you. With these reports you will be able to understand each and every month how your website is working for you and how each of your advertising ventures influences your online traffic.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    A website and an SEO plan cannot be effective without competitive intelligence. We examine your online competitors and analyze what is working for them, where they are excelling and where they have missed the mark. We take this data and create a plan to help you beat your competitors. Learn more about our Competitive Intelligence Services.

  • Consulting

    Each month we can work with your team and come up with an online marketing plan for the month. We often research and make recommendations based on website analytics, a company’s advertising plan for the month and monthly search engine rankings. With our consulting service you won’t be shooting in the dark hoping your marketing techniques work. With SEO Aware you will have solid advice and save both time and money. Learn more about our consulting services.

How Can SEOAware Help Your Business?

  • Creating a Monthly SEO Strategy to Help Your Business Meet Its Online Goals
  • Evaluating the Code of Your Web Site to Ensure You are Compliant With Webmaster Guidelines
  • Researching the Keywords and Keyword Phrases Your Business Should Be Focusing On
  • Evaluating Your Web Competition
  • Let You Know Each Month What Is and What Is Not Working for You Online
  • Creating or Updating the content of Your Web Site Using SEO Copywriting to Enhance Your Optimization Strategy(ies)
  • Increase Your High-Quality Inbound Links/Backlinks Ethically
  • Integrate Internet Marketing Strategies and Social Media to Achieve the Best Results

We offer monthly SEO and Internet marketing packages that are adapted to meet each client’s needs. We do not require yearly contracts.

SEO Aware’s Exclusive SEO Services

SEO Aware is not a company that believes the more clients the better. Additionally, we also feel that without ethics and integrity we have nothing beneficial to offer our clients. Exclusivity is available, but keep in mind that the cost is considerably more. If you are interested in exclusivity please Contact us and we will be happy to come up with a strategy that will benefit you and your business. Local businesses, we do not work with your direct competition as long as you are our client.

Our Other SEO Services

Site Audits
SEO Copywriting
Competitive Intelligence
Reputation Management
Website Development

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