SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting is a specialized field because the writer has three very important jobs:

  1. Draw the reader in and create trust
  2. Sell the service and/or products or the company
  3. Write copy that integrates the optimization strategies set in place
  4. Help the copy be read effectively by search engine spiders

To have an optimized Web site you need optimized content. There are no ways around it. Keywords and keyword phrases are a start, but an effective SEO campaign integrates optimized copy.

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SEO Copyediting

Many businesses have invested a large amount of money in their Web site and in various Web marketing strategies and they are not thrilled to hear that they should invest more money in SEO Copywriting. You have another option, SEO Copyediting. We can go through your current copy and suggest edits that can be made to help with your optimization strategies. Companies can save a considerable amount of money with SEO Copyediting.

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