2 Musts – Psychology in Your Marketing and SEO

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on March 28, 2011

I have discussed many times how crucial it is to target demographics in your website, your social media, your videos and your content. My education and background is Psychology, so I look at things from different angles than some do. I am going to discuss, again, how we do things at SEO Aware and what you should be doing.

Psychology looks at a lot of things like how people learn, how trust is created or destroyed and personalities. Sociology, looks at many things, but to me the most interesting part is what influences people to buy.

Psychology and Sociology, Crucial in Marketing!

When you are selling an item to a someone in person you have an opportunity to talk to them and watch their reactions. You can change your sales method by observing what is working and what isn’t. When you are selling a service or product online you don’t have these abilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell.

When you are creating a marketing plan you need to list out your demographics and then figure out what they may want to see or MUST see for you to make a sale. You need to make sure you cover all the bases. In “Is Your Website Content Addressing Everyone it Should?” I listed different kinds of clients you have to consider, some examples – the newbie, the expert, the hippie, the pessimist and the auditory learner. You may want to read that article and come back to this one.

When you are planning a strategy you need to plan it in multiple ways because there are so many kinds of people to please. You couldn’t possibly plan for them all, but you can create a strategy that will allow you to hit as many as possible.

4 Types of People

  • My mom prefers video.
  • I prefer reading.
  • My clients tell assistants to research for them, so easy to scan text is a must. (but some assistants are major researchers)
  • Some people need you to prove to them that you are capable (I fit into this category as well).

So, if you look at the 4 categories above how could your marketing strategy cover each of these people? I think it is pretty simple. I think some of you will as well, but from what I observe many businesses and many “marketing” companies are not considering this type of strategy. You have to target demographics, you have to target different learning styles and you have to target different personalities. If you do not plan for these you are missing out.

A Recent Example of Me Choosing a Company – ONE Thing Sold Me

I have kids, so clean carpet is something I did not have. I have had 2 companies out here 4 times and nothing looked any better. So last week I researched different companies and looked at reviews. I by chance came across a site that had before and after photos.

Remember when I said above that people have to prove to me that they are capable? Well, these 8 photos created trust because #1 they had photos and #2 they weren’t professional photos; they were obviously taken by someone that wasn’t a pro. They proved something to me and they created enough trust for  me to gave them a shot. My carpet looks fantastic, BTW!

A Psychology-Based Marketing Plan and SEO

At times I see solid marketing plans and at times I see really good SEO, but it is rare for me to see both at the same time. You need both for the best results. Your website, content, graphics, videos, social media and PPC should be focused on the Psychology and the SEO.

Take a look at what you have and revamp if you need to. We did! We are going to be launching an all new SEO Aware site soon because this site wasn’t doing what I do for my clients. Sometimes things just have to change. If you are in marketing/SEO you need to keep the Psychology behind your work in mind, in everything you do.

Melissa Fach

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