Why doesn’t your website work on my iPad & iPhone?

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on August 23, 2011

In March 2011 TechCrunch reported that 100 million iPhones have been sold and in June 2011 MocoNews reported that 25 million iPads have been sold. 125  million people and the numbers grow everyday!

I am surprised at how many websites do not work on my iPad and iPhone. I am shocked that it has not occurred to many business owners and large retailers that their websites need to work on mobile devices.

I think it is critical that businesses understand that because technology is changing so often they need to be saving some of their yearly advertising budget to update their websites each year. Websites can no longer be made and then ignored. They must be updated to match technology or you will lose sales. If you are creating a new site make sure that your site working on mobile devices is a priority. If you have a site already set up make sure it works on every device and on every browser.

Louis Vuitton Works on My iPad

If you look at the bottom of the picture you will see that Louis Vuitton shows me that I am looking at the HTML version of their site, but there is a full Flash version available for computers with Flash. Louis Vuitton did it right. They created a version that will work on both my iPad, my iPhone, other smart phones and computers that don’t have Flash.

On iPhone

Your site working on all devices should be a priority to your web designer. If it is not you have a problem.

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