Home Address (es) on SPOKEO.com? How to Remove It

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on March 18, 2011

This info can be removed and I will tell you how. It appears there is a limit of how many you remove a day.

Steps to remove:

  1. Go to http://spokeo.com
  2. Search for your name – my be broken down into state and city.
  3. CLICK on your name and then COPY the URL.
  4. Click on “SPOKEO” at the top.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and click on PRIVACY
  6. Here there is an area to enter the URL I mentioned in #3, a place for an email and a security code.
  7. Click remove listing
  8. Then check your email. A Spokeo email should be there
  9. In that email it will say “To complete the removal process, please click here” – Click and remove it.

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  1. Steven W.

    For non-public phone numbers – it appears they are using white pages and phone company is respecting private phone listings (data does not appear at all). Though it might also be that it’s somehow tied to the universal phone marketing database that was put into play a few years ago (precluding).

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