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I have been asked a lot of questions from companies in Sarasota trying to figure out how increase their presence on the Web. Some say they can’t afford Web sites, but the truth is they can be very affordable. Optimizing a site is very important and creating quality content is a must. You have to sell your services and/or products once you get the traffic.

So, here are some things all businesses in Sarasota should be doing, this includes both large and small businesses, such as small lawn mowing businesses run out of homes, handymen, pressure cleaners etc.

Get a web site– they are affordable and can be easy to maintain. If you need a Web solution make sure you hire a business you can trust.

Consider a Blog– Blogs are a great way to give out information to potential clients/customers and if the information you provide is credible it can set you apart from your competition.

List your business for local search

Market Your Web Site, Services and Products

You can do this in a variety of ways but the point is to feature your services not only in your Web site and/or blog, but out of it also. Use YouTube, Ezine Articles, MySpace RSS, Linkedin, Facebook, blogging communities and social media to promote your business, services and/or products.

Online Reputation Management

Start preparing right now for a possible bad review from a client/customer or from your competition. Create a solid Web presence and ensure that your business always retains a good online reputation.

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