4 responses to “Social Media is Great, But Are We Becoming Addicted?”

  1. Jon Payne

    Melissa – I’m totally with you on this. What’s more, you’ve articulated this very well. I think addiction to social media is especially common with SEO professionals, as its easy to tell yourself that its “work” and you are using it as a tool for link building or whatever. I’m on Twitter – @jonpayne – and I’m an SEO person. Maybe 5% of the time I’m on Twitter actually produces an ROI there. The other 95% of the time I’m playing, socializing, goofing off or whatever. I’m reading good tips, finding cool things… but I’m not really doing any actual work, and I’m sure as heck not relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family either. Its somewhere in the middle. I think that middle area is a bad place to be, so here’s to trying to break the addiction!

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