The Business Benefits of Blogging the Right Way

Posted by Melissa in Blogging on June 19, 2009

– The real starting point for my business!

– With Blogging you can compete on a national and global level!

– You can establish that you are an authority in your field.

– You can offer readers information they are looking for.

– You can create trust and trust is crucial if you are hoping to obtain a client/customer online.

– You can use your personality!

– Google wants content that is a resource for their users. Good content = traffic = higher rankings.

– The higher your ranking goes the higher your pages end up in the SERPs.

– You can create effective and solid backlinks to your site and blog.

– With Social Media you can market your blog for free and your blog is basically free advertising for your services and/or products. I get a good amount of work from Facebook by linking to my articles.

– You can get indexed for different services and/or products in the SERPs.

– You can sign your blog up in a large number of blogging communities that will advertise your business and your skills/expertise.

– You can submit your feed to various sites and not only increase your presence on the Web, but also drive more traffic to your site and blog.

Cross Marketing Your Business and Blog

– With a blog you can describe your services and products. With optimization you can obtain high placements in the SERPs.Blogging and business

– Explain the basics about the services or products you offer

– Your blog article can link back to your product/service page- increase the possibility of making a sale.

– You can also link to blog articles about products and services from your site.

– Explain why your service or product is needed.

– Explain the benefits of using your service or product.

– Ask customers to give opinions about a product/service for your blog and link back to their site.

* You can show readers how to obtain these services affordably (market your business here and explain in clear and easy terms why you are the best company for the job)

Melissa Fach – SEO Aware

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