One response to “Businesses, PLEASE Listen to Matt Cutts Discussing Variations of Keywords”

  1. MacGizmoGuy

    Matts take on using Keyword Variations is rather interesting. In many ways Google has ‘reduced the vocabulary’ of the internet down to top phrases and phrase sequences it deems important (profitable?) – and those it doesn’t. (I’d dare say AdSense/AdWords has helped Goog identify what the ‘money words’ are – and those that aren’t..)

    So what I’m seeing in some of my sites – it that of all the permutations possible – Google sometimes only keys-in and latches onto only a handful of them. And they’ll send traffic for those specific phrases – and deprecate the rest.

    Loading a page with permutations doesn’t seem to help like it used to. And the SEO keyword gurus who often advocate constructing page after page – each built around a SINGLE keyword see the world too narrowly – with a lot of overhead involved.

    Write knowing and using your Top 3-5 phrases consistently, and naturally. Goog’s Webmaster Tools is pretty good at identifying those that’ll get you to Page One.

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