The Psychology Behind Choosing Website Photos

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on December 29, 2010

For some people choosing photos for a website is as difficult as creating content. If you have been in this business for awhile choosing photos is pretty simple, but for those that find this task a bit difficult I am going to list some things to keep in mind.

I mention Psychology because you really need to be thinking about what you want the visitor of a page to see and feel. Anytime you are hoping to convince or convert you need to grab the reader’s attention, create a feeling and create trust. On a typical page you should have effective headlines, content that supports the ideas of the headlines and either a photo(s) or graphic(s).

Photos and Graphics – What they should do for your page!

  • They should break up too much text. Many people don’t like endless text and photos or graphics, combined with headlines, can break up a lot of text nicely.
  • They should create a feeling! This “feeling” should support the subject of your page. Example, if a reader is looking at a martial arts website and they see picture of a person doing a really cool martial arts move it can create an emotion or a feeling in the reader. It can actually influence the reader to decide they want to learn that move – they may envision themselves doing this move. This “feeling” can help create conversion.
  • They should please the visual learner. Visual learners are influenced more by photos and graphics. Because they are more influenced by them you have a better shot at converting with effective and well-chosen photos.

What to Consider When Choosing Photos

(Yes should be the answer for all)

  • Is the photo inspiring at all? If so, how?
  • Is the photo clean and clear? If not, reconsider using it.
  • Does it create a feeling? The right kind of feeling?
  • Consider what feelings others may get from a photo and make sure it is a feeling your want on your website.
  • Is it clearly related to the subject of the page you will place it on? A picture of a shopping cart at Walmart doesn’t go on a pool company’s website.
  • Does the coloring of the photo compliment the look of your website? You don’t want something that will clash with it.
  • Will the photo enhance the look of your website? Is it artistic or stunning or beautiful or just perfect in a simple way?
  • Will the size and/or orientation of a photo compliment the content you have for your webpage?
  • Can you shrink or crop a photo to work on your page?

These are the basics to look at when choosing a photo. This list should be reviewed for every photo you choose to use.

Melissa – SEO Aware

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