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Oct 22 2009

Just a short list. Feel free to add more… You have looked at Facebook on your computer and your iPhone/smartphone at the same time. You look at things and think “I should take a pic of this for Facebook” (We use to take pics for memories). Sexual relations are not as important as they were […]

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Oct 07 2009

In the past few months we have had some interesting calls from competition pretending to be interested in our services. Funny thing is they give themselves away right off the bat. So here is some info for those callers…. We don’t answer your questions completely. We hold back because who knows if you really know […]

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Sep 24 2009

SEO Aware has been and will continue to offer online marketing classes because if businesses want to stay open they will need to learn, and keep learning, effective marketing strategies that work! I don’t see this economy getting much better anytime soon and I know most smaller businesses cannot afford the traditional marketing methods they […]

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Sep 08 2009

Two Classes in one day- you can pay for either or get a discount on both. There are no free entries for these classes. We charge A LOT of money to set these things up for clients. You will find out how to do it yourself for about a tenth of the cost. 1st Class […]

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Sep 03 2009

As a Christian I feel uncomfortable using the BS word, but there is no other, so here it goes. Bottom line, do your job and if you can’t do it get out of the industry! I may be a complete moron, but I really feel obligated to do a good job for my clients. In […]

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Aug 25 2009

We are about a week away from our SEO class at the Keiser College Auditorium on September 02, 09 at 9:00am. People have been asking us what will be discussed. Here is a brief rundown: Website Coding- What works, what doesn’t URLs Meta tags – Title Tags, Meta Descriptions H-tags Content – what helps, what […]

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Aug 22 2009

I discovered that content and pictures were being stolen from our blog at MedicalSEOTraining.com As usual the email didn’t work. A phone number has a voicemail. After looking into somethings this is what I have found. Someone registering domains under “First House, Turtle Island, Hawaii 88888″ has been registering domains. They then create sites and […]

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Aug 07 2009

Reading about “Trust” all over the place lately…Here are some articles of ours from the past couple of years. Findability vs. Trustability The 3 Trust Factors of Web Sites and Their Design The Business Benefits of Blogging the Right Way Business Blogging – “What Should We Write About?” How I Made Some Good Money Through […]

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Aug 06 2009

How to Do an SEO Analysis of Your Website – Class at Keiser College Sarasota 9-02-09 Limited to 80 seats. How do you know if your website is properly optimized? Is your site doing well in the search engines? Come and learn how to do an SEO Analysis. Find out how to tell if your […]

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Aug 05 2009

How can I optimize my site on a small budget? Overwhelmed Industry Such as Real Estate What types of directories are seen as sources of paid links? Are CSS-based layouts better than tables for SEO? Which SEO agency do you recommend? Here is the link Matt Mentions

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