19 responses to “Common Online Business Mistakes by Michael Gray, Alan Bleiweiss and more!”

  1. Alan Bleiweiss


    Thank you for including me in this article – and let’s also acknowledge that your own points noted here are just as valid. This is a great resource for any business owner wishing to succeed online.


  2. SEM Freak

    Great stuff.

    What about not understanding the search cycle?

    Why work on all those non-brand terms if last click tracking shows my conversions to be on brand terms?

    SEM Freak

  3. Warner Carter

    I would add one. Not setting aside time regularly to proactively seek better knowledge. With the constant changing Net new ways and new opportunities appear.

  4. Melissa

    I totally agree. Many people offering web, social media, web design and wordpress services know very little and are not concerned with learning more. A quick buck is better for them. Happy and prosperous clients are better for me.

  5. Brook

    I agree on the social sid of things. This area is so underrated because most businesses don’t know how to 1) use all of the functions on facebook, twitter etc and 2) have reservations in saying something wrong.

    Real interest and social awareness requires lots of communication. You can never really go wrong.

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