Why I Love GoDaddy’s Website Tonight- You Can Have a VERY Affordable Web Site

Posted by Melissa in Web Design on July 31, 2008

UPDATE: We recommend WordPress…unlimited Website options, but if you need help with Website Tonight please continue reading.

Well, anyone that knows me knows I like to save money. Louis Vuitton purses and laptop cases are the exception ;-). Anyway, I believe that no matter how much money you have saving money should be a priority. When I first started out I did not want to spend much money on anything. I found Website Tonight and it was actually affordable, so I tried it out. Originally there were not many options, but now the options are fantastic. So, I am going to review what I love about Website Tonight and you can make your own conclusions.

My Website Tonight Favorites

The Templates are Customizable

You can customize your look completely by adding graphical or photo headers, choosing colors, changing the look of the navigation and with CSS change the font colors, link colors, navigation text, rollovers and more. It is simple and quick and every Web site can look different. No one needs to know the site is actually a template. You also have access to the CSS code to change things up and really customize.


Here is a great example of something that is affordable:

  • Unlimited pages
  • 4 GB of disk space
  • 200 GB of Bandwidth
  • 1,000 email addresses
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Price-12 mo: $11.69/mo 24 mo: $11.04/mo 3 6 mo: $10.39/mo then add a 20% off coupon code


  • You can add and delete content blocks easily
  • You have 16 different page layouts to choose from
  • With a click you can add javascripts, subscripts, superscripts…
  • With a click you can add forms, tables, flash, RSS feeds, predefined extras, calender, date and time stamp, scrolling marquee (Some people actually still use these…), hit counters and photo albums
  • Easy photo adding and resizing (no cropping) within the CMS. You can also quickly tell the system how to wrap text, choose a border color and width and add captions
  • Easy to add video
  • Easy to upload PDFs and Word docs
  • So easy to add anchors
  • Simple to add outbound links (a no follow option is not available yet, but I emailed about it). You do have access the HTML off every page so you can add it.
  • The system is set up to allow you to link page to page within the site, which makes it easy if you are to make changes later.
  • You can edit navigation very easily and tell it to link out of the site, within the site and add links to email. You can have different navigation for different pages if you would like.
  • You an create shared blocks to add to other pages and save tons of time. When you change one they all change…so simple.
  • Complete text editing and options to choose from
  • You can preview non-stop and see what a site will look like and how it will function live. Fix all the problems before you launch
  • You can add custom meta tags within the properties area
  • You can add a forum, a guestbook, a quick shopping cart, a flash intro page (DON’T)
  • You can have password protected pages
  • Publish only selected pages
  • They have a massive photo gallery you can choose from to increase the visual appeal of your Web site.

Must Haves

  • Backup restore- say you go in and screw something up, just restore…all fixed
  • You can drag and drop content blocks…move them around easily
  • Google Webmaster Tools is built in
  • Killer Free Stats- tells you tons
  • An organize site section that lets you drag and drop to create subpages and main pages
  • In the properties area you have full access to each page’s title-tags, description and keywords
  • A Google sitemap/XML sitemap section that lets you quickly see and change the settings for each page
  • Say you design the whole thing and then want to change templates, change it and all your stuff remains. Your text, photos etc.
  • A password vault makes things much easier for everyone
  • 404 Error Behavior options
  • DNS Manager within the CMS
  • Coding is pretty clean.

XML Sitemap

The CMS allows the user to choose settings per page for the XML Sitemap which automatically updates when you add pages. So simple

Template Designs

There are many templates to choose from, the key is to not look at one and assume your site has to look like the template. Just choose a layout…navigation above the header graphic, below the header graphic, side navigation etc. There are many photo design options. Just choose and customize. People tell me all the time that they want a site that is not link anyone else’s. What is funny is that I see sites all day that are built on the template in Dreamweaver. The looks is just different. This is the same thing.

My Experience With Website Tonight

I have now customized over 150 Web sites with Website Tonight. I even made a business out of it. I started a few businesses with the templates and they have done stunningly well in the search engines. In fact, they have passed up and stayed above the sites done by local Web designers. Follow Google’s guidelines, optimize and work on your backlinks and you will kick butt in all the search engines.

Are there things I would like to see added? Yes and I tell them that. A search box would be nice, a no follow option, more template designs, an easier way to add the Yahoo and MSN meta tag and a more effective shopping cart…so far everything I have emailed or talked with the Website Tonight team about has happened. They stay up on changes and they want the sites to be compliant with search engine guidelines.

Why Bring Website Tonight Up?

Well, I get anywhere from 20-50 hits a day from people researching the product and more importantly it is affordable! So darn affordable and right now America, as you know, isn’t doing so well economically. All businesses need a Web site and this is a way to get one that is effective, optimizable, affordable and easy to maintain. I show businesses how to use the software and they never have to pay me again. The site is theirs- they can update, add pages with a click, organize, add pictures. Additionally, if I get hit by a truck the site is in their name and GoDaddy has really good customer support, they will help you with any problem you have 24/7. GoDaddy handles any problem and clients don’t have to pay me anything!

You can afford a Web site. There are many affordable options, but this one is super affordable.

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