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Jun 09 2009

Tip- Next time you donate in a Presidential election don’t use your home address! So, I was doing my little client search thing today and came across something interesting. My client donated in the recent Presidential election and their donation amount, who they donated to and their home address is online. I thought it was […]

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Jun 03 2009

SEO Aware News 6/3/09

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business

Melissa Fach, owner of SEO Aware will be speaking at the Florida Public Relations Association’s 71st Annual Conference at the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Boca Raton, FL in August. For more information please visit FPRA. We have launched two new sites MedicalSEOTraining.com and SiestaKeyCondosforSale.com. 6/3/09

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Apr 30 2009

Well, you are not the only one…I am right in there with you and so are many others. Here is quite a long thread in the google help forum. if you haven’t checked your listing, you should and let Google know if there is a problem.

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Apr 14 2009

I created SEOAware.TV the last couple of days. I have been a bit sick, so it isn’t as complete I as I would have liked, but it does have a good number of videos on there to learn from. Right now there are handpicked videos with tips and information from industry experts. For more information […]

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Feb 07 2009

I have many clients from many industries. The truth is no matter what the industry there is something we can all do to help our troops and their families. None of us could enjoy our businesses, our children, our lives or even something as simple as going to a movie without our troops providing us […]

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Jan 17 2009

I spoke here yesterday and it was very nice. I appreciate being invited and wanted to thank Diane Andrews from the EDC for recommending me for the event and also Sally Hill from www.swdb.org and the Florida Public Relations Association, Central West Coast Chapter. My Agenda Included: What is SEO? 1St Step- a Solid Foundation […]

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Jan 10 2009

The winner is Patricia H of our recent contest! I think her review was extremely informative, it had me thinking and researching. It also convinced me to not buy the iPhone. I need a business smartphone and I picked it up last night. i Will discuss it later, but it is amazing. We had some […]

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Jan 05 2009

I usually don’t get into these things, but I have to say that I am sickened and ashamed of the media and honestly the people I hear calling radio stations and even people talking in the store. So here is my opinion… Two parents just lost their child. Hello?? They lost their baby. The public […]

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Jan 02 2009

Ok here is the deal, I need a Smartphone where I can look at the net and see it as it really is. I have a Palm Treo 680, that I love because of the keyboard and the chat-style view for messaging, but looking at the net is a mess. I also love how email […]

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Dec 31 2008

After the recent PageRank update I played around a bit, as we all do, and I notice that some of my old blogspot sites moved up quite a bit in the SERPS. According to the SEO add-on, my blogspots both have 344,000,000 pages indexed, an Alexa rating of 9, over 49,000 .gov links, 731,000 .edu […]

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