2 responses to “I Am Going to Say It Again & Again! Small Businesses, YOU NEED A WEB SITE!!”

  1. John

    The thing is, even if these small businesses don’t want to do global sales, they will profit by getting into local search. It doesn’t take much, it doesn’t take much with regards to a website, it’s not even expensive :). Local search appears to be in a state of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out), if you can help a business to get listed properly, chances are the competition will be small. If you’re new in town and need something, if you check local search you’ll find them. It’s like getting listed in the yellow pages — and if done correctly, a stepping stone to doing commerce on a larger scale (if they want to).

  2. admin

    John, I agree. Originally I optimized for local search, but it ended up that I started getting more national business. However, the local business is the money that keeps things running smoothly financially. There are benefits to both! I say go for it all and see what happens.

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